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Welcome to the home of AGEC 498-SA 21258! This is an international, bilingual, and technology intensive course in Food Security and Sustainable Development offered from the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University. Here you will meet US and Colombian students and faculty working side by side in a thorough and critical examination of some of the most important issues that relate to food and water security and sustainable development. 

¡Bienvenidos a la página web de AGEC 498 – SA21258! Este es un curso internacional, bilingüe y tecnológicamente intensivo sobre Seguridad Alimentaria y Desarrollo Sustentable. Aquí ustedes podrán conocer profesores y estudiantes de los Estados Unidos y Colombia quienes trabajando en conjunto analizaran críticamente algunos de los tópicos más importantes relacionados con la seguridad de alimentos y agua y de desarrollo sustentable.  Ken Foster, Professor and Head, AGEC -Purdue University


Estudiantes con Rector UTP 2013            Estudiantes y Profesores de Caldas y Purdue 2013

 la foto (2)                    foto 1

Students with UTP Rector 2013                  Caldas and Purdue faculty and Students 2013

“The experience I had in the food security and sustainable development maymester program surpassed all my expectations and certainly opened my eyes to the beauty and culture of Colombia. All my initial concerns of safety and communication difficulties melted away upon meeting the gracious and giving people we worked with in Colombia…The interactive experience of visiting farms complemented the class well and is where I took away the most knowledge. I feel from this experience my Purdue education has taken a new turn and I can easily see myself becoming involved in more international programs and always trying to seeing things from an alternative prospective. I came away with a better understanding of food security and international practices along with great memories and new friends! “    Caroline A Schier, ABE, student 2013

“Quedaron muchas cosas claras en cuanto a seguridad alimentaria, considero que el curso sirvió para poner un poco los pies sobre la tierra y entender que tenemos muchas cosas a nuestro alrededor de las cuales no nos damos cuenta y que podríamos ayudar a mejorar, en cuanto a la educación internacional, es una experiencia increíble tener contacto con personas de otro país, más aún si son de diferente lenguaje, es un placer esforzarse por entender y lograr comunicarse para tener conversaciones como con cualquier persona de nuestra ciudad o país.”  Luis J. Garzón, IE, UTP, estudiante 2013

“This experience definitely contributed to my Purdue education. It made me realize how small the world really is, and that it is possible to work and get along with people of different cultures to produce fantastic results. I think if international education is promoted more, one day international relations between the countries of the world will be strengthened immensely.”  Jacki K. Howard, ABE, student 2013



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